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The six script of a horror movie is called meningitis it kills percent ofits victims of women and % of men with herpes catch meningitis every year and scientists from Wayne State University Discovered that if you escape meningitis once your risk of catching it again quadruples for my father this is an unacceptable risk for his patients he had to find a safer way which addresses the root cause while researching he made an astonishing discovery you see the herpes virus has been known for more than , years and our ancestors.

Did know how to treat it what happened to this treatment you might ask well a company that’s now part of a billion dollar Pharma giant as well as an extended field study in Hungary both proved it effective at killing the herpes virus big pharma never gave a reason why it never released it on the market but here’s something to think about this natural substance cost times less than acyclovir and you can’t put a patent.

On it the story repeated itself in the early s when several studies for example from the New York University Medical Center proved the effectiveness of another substance against herpes again a cost only a fraction of acyclovir and again it couldn’t be patented Big Pharma decided to ignore it you might be curious why you haven’t heard about this what about independent institutions such as the American heroes foundation well look you back some it’s obvious Big Pharma has only one plan make money by selling overpriced drugs not natural treatments they can’t patent they aren’t interested.

In a cure they only want to profit from your sickness fortunately this finally an alternative it’s already helped thousands of herpes victims just like you escape frequent outbreaks and the limitations they put on your life people like Maria s from Houston Texas After using this treatment Maria wrote me Melanie before I found your site I was having outbreaks every two weeks lasting about a week each time pulling me deeper into a slump of depression and it went on like this ever since I got infected three and a half years ago my confidence hit rock bottom.