practices there a rule of labor a general rule of thumb what’s important to remember under thunder the flood policies is that all of the state laws that are applicable coinsurance typically are not necessarily applicable you know the national flood insurance program is a national program national flood insurance and it’s passed by Congress it’s a congressional law so oftentimes.

You know all of tether the rules that were used to hearing about insurance law and states are not necessarily applicable to those policies so you know they’re there are timelines when there-there there-there should repayments and things of that nature buyout know what we’re seeing is that typically you know from the adjuster time frame until the time that we setback the estimate is is is somewhere.

Around three to four Homeowners insurance quote Florida weeks sometimes longer really kind of dependent upon the adjusters we’ve heard in baton rouge that you know from the time that they’re at your house they are two right there pop their estimates within two to three weeks that’s been drugged out little bit and then at that point it’s in the insurance companies hands and then there’s a desk adjust or rather than the field adjuster and then there’s a week or so after that what we found a baton rouge and is that the insurance companies are responsive and and have been responsive particularly when proof of loss is sent to the ensure.

They follow up and you know ask ask where Otis and so you know that’s kind of the general timeline that we’re seeing in baton rouge and it’s it’s it’s some you know just take longer than others as function of the size of the home the size.